Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do?  J u s t  k e e p  s w i m m i n g.

Breathe, eat, sleep, wake up, and then do it all over again until one day it’s not hard anymore.


The Vampire Diaries - My Dinner Date with… Nina Dobrev [x]


When I haven’t been on Tumblr all day I’m like:



     ”There will be days where you feel all alone and that’s when hope is needed most. 

No matter how buried it gets or how lost you feel, you must  p r o m i s e   m e  that you will hold on to hope  […]  I know it feels like we’re saying goodbye but we will carry a piece of  e a c h  o t h e r  into everything we do next. To remind us of who we are.. and if we were  m e a n t   t o  b e. ”

Chemistry is about attraction and reaction…
                 Sometimes it’s beautiful, and just as often it’s destructive.

get to know me meme: 6 favorite female characters → Hermione Granger

"Actually I’m highly logical which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook."

Countdown to Season Two → The Originals 1x04 “Girl in New Orleans”

“Is it evil to take what one wants? To satisfy hunger? Even if doing so                                  will cause another suffering. What some would call evil, I believe to be                                 an appropriate response to a harsh and unfair world.”

I never wanted any of this.

Do you know I haven’t had peanut butter in a decade because she has an allergy?


I’ve reached 10 000 followers and I want to celebrate it with this resources pack to show my love and gratitude for you all. It contains resources made by me and some of my favs resources made by others. Please like/reblog if you download it and i hope you like it! :)

  • 32 psds (mine, not mine)
  • 3 graphics psd (mine)
  • 45 textures (not mine)
  • 15 icons (mine)
  • 22 fonts
  • 2 actions (not mine)

{download here}

*All of you have a special place in my heart, because without you my blog wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for giving me so much love ♥

I’m sorry if I smothered you


i am that mushroom that just gives up and falls



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